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with an emphasis on quality, integrity and results”

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Formulated to Maximize Your Pet’s Quality of Life

Your dog and cat are more than just a pet – they are your friend and loyal companion. They are at the heart of the household, a family member worthy of your love, respect and devotion.

Incorporating years of extensive research and development in animal nutrition, BiologicVET only uses proven high-quality ingredients that support a longer, healthier, and happier life for your pets.

Everything from our lignan-rich prebiotic base of organic defatted seed powder to our concentrated therapeutic blend of active ingredients is designed to improve the wellbeing of your cats and dogs.

The BiologicVET product line contains holistic core nutritional products and condition specific supplements that were developed to meet your pet’s unique lifestyle, life stage and physiological needs.

Simply add BiologicVET products to your pet’s preferred brand and style of food for a no-fuss way to meet your pet’s dietary needs.

Our unequalled nutrient rich formulas have garnered rave reviews from pet guardians who have seen first-hand the amazing results in their pet’s health and behavior.

You’ll see the difference: your dog will feel the difference!

Organic powder base • Used and recommended by leading veterinarians 
Fast acting • Optimally absorbed • Great tasting. No pills and no fuss!